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At Tulsa Remote, we’re helping shape the future of our city

By establishing and fostering a one-of-a-kind remote community in Tulsa, we’re creating more opportunities for all Tulsans to live, work, and grow.


The Tulsa Remote Mission

Our mission is to attract and retain remote workers whose skills and passions make Tulsa a more diverse and vibrant place, while contributing to the foundation of a more inclusive and resilient economy.

Our team is made up of Tulsa transplants and Tulsa lifers who are all passionate about Tulsa and its future. Through a range of events, educational opportunities, and digital resources, we work to give all in our community a sense of belonging and purpose —  and most importantly to show them what it means to call Tulsa home.

We believe the future is bright for Tulsa, and we believe you can be a part of that future.

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Meet Tulsa Remote’s Leadership

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There are even more ways to be involved in Tulsa: learn how you can become a part of our growing community

Beyond Tulsa Remote, there’s an ecosystem of innovative initiatives to help you make an impact on the city’s future. Whether you’re looking to launch a business, explore new ideas, or grow professionally, Tulsa has a program and a community to help.

Be A Part of Tulsa
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Brought to you by GKFF

Tulsa Remote is one of many programs supported by the George Kaiser Family Foundation (GKFF). GKFF is building a thriving and inclusive innovation ecosystem and creating new opportunities for all Tulsans.

The Foundation supports various economic development programs like Tulsa Remote, early childhood education and health campaigns, and well-being initiatives for local Tulsa families.

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