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There's a lot to learn about Tulsa

Tulsa Remote has a wealth of resources to help you plan, move, and get excited about a unique opportunity in a growing and supportive community.


Explore Tulsa

Get to know all of the wonderful things that make Tulsa one-of-a-kind – from iconic music and performing arts, to world-class dining and international eats, to amazing outdoor activities and local experiences.

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Experience the wide array of museums, galleries, and performing arts.
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Toast to Tulsa’s vast local flavors and global cuisines.
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Vibe along to Tulsa’s rhythm across our incredible venues and local musicians.
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Celebrate the unique festivals and events that help define Tulsa.
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Explore the parks, green spaces, and waterways in your backyard.
A man and a woman crossing the street in the Tulsa Arts district.
Get to know the vibrant districts that make up our city.


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Neighborhoods & Communities

Learn More About Tulsa
Learn More About Tulsa

Get to Know Our Neighborhoods

Check out these videos of some of Tulsa’s most unique and vibrant neighborhoods including Brookside, Cherry Street, South Tulsa, and the International District.

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Tulsa's Unique & Vibrant Neighborhoods

With rich cultural history, mouth-watering eats and drinks, a vibrant music scene, and beautiful outdoor spaces, Tulsa’s welcoming community has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking to buy a home or lease an apartment, click to watch and explore all Tulsa's neighborhoods have to offer.

East Tulsa: The 918's International District

The perfect place to grab a bowl of pho or delicious carnitas tacos, located just 15 minutes from the heart of the city, East Tulsa is known also known as "The International District."

Welcome to Brookside

From starter homes to historic estates, everyone can enjoy Brookside's walkability and vibrant boutiques and restaurants.

South Tulsa: Suburban Paradise

Welcome to South Tulsa. Just 20 minutes from downtown, this suburban paradise is known for its beautiful amenities.

Life on Cherry Street

Tulsa Remote is a unique recruitment initiative aimed at attracting talented individuals to Tulsa. The program brings remote workers and digital nomads to the community by providing $10,000 grants and numerous community-building opportunities. Each grant is distributed over the course of a year to eligible remote workers or entrepreneurs living outside of Oklahoma. Funding is currently provided by George Kaiser Family Foundation. The City of Tulsa, and other community organizations lend their support to ensure program participants are fully immersed and engaged in the community. Since the program's launch, the Oklahoma Remote Quality Jobs Incentive Act was passed through the State Legislature to help other programs and employers attract remote workers to Oklahoma.

Making Tulsa Home

Tulsa Remote members looking to purchase a home in Tulsa have the option to receive their $10,000 in one lump sum through our Homeownership Initiative program. In order to receive the grant money at one time, applicants must purchase a qualifying home and attend member orientation.

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Even more places to learn about Tulsa

We’ve partnered with many impactful initiatives making Tulsa a better place. Consult the resources below for more details on Tulsa real estate, events, and opportunities.

Apartment Finder

Whether you’re renting or buying, Tulsa Remote can help you plan your move.

Local Jobs for Friends and Family

Our friends at inTulsa can help your loved ones and family find local job openings. We know everyone may not work remotely, so we want to ensure everyone has a chance to find their place in Tulsa.

Local Events

There's always a lot happening in Tulsa. Check out Root, a local event newsletter and resources, so you won't miss out on any of Tulsa's great activities.

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